Demandforce is marketing and communication web based application that help an online business.

This tutorial explain how to get a review widget from demand force and adding to the page template. My guest this is like yelp or similiar site business.

You can get the complete guide for reference from official website

To get the review widget from demandforce just add the link

<script src=”[industy-name]/[business-id]/reviews.widget” type=”text/javascript”></script>

where industry-name is the category of business and business-id is the unique id! every site that register in demandforce have different businessid.

Many way to get the reviews widget in wordpress, one of my easiest way is creating a new page-template or post whatever and add that url to the page template. So i just call in every page or post i want to show it.

And dont forget to add the css

You can add it with wordpress enqueue wp_enqueue_style

or using standard tag <style></style>.

There is no style in that template, yup because Im adding it in the function.php

And the result is like below.